Monday, July 22

Tunisian MPs to Enact Law Criminalizes Normalization with Zionist State

Tunis_The Tunisian Parliament discussed Tuesday the importance and the need to enact a law criminalizing all forms of normalization with Israel.

Members of Parliament affiliated with various blocs took the floor to express their solidarity with the struggle of the Palestinian people for independence from Israeli occupation that has lasted for more than seventy years.

Media sources said that the plenary session in the Parliament added a point of deliberation on the Palestinian issue when many deputies rose and demanding the passing of a bill criminalizing normalization with the occupying Zionists.

The Ennahda movement announced, through the head of its bloc, Imad Al-Khumairi, its support for any legislative initiative that provides for the criminalization of normalization, considering that all political parties in Tunisia and all state institutions are against normalization with the Zionist colonizers.

In a media statement, Al-Khumairi called on all other parliamentary blocs to discuss a legislative initiative that should criminalize the normalization, citing that Tunisia is among the countries in the region that reject normalization.

For his part, Secretary-General of the People’s Movement, Zuhair Al-Maghzawi, said a petition was signed by all the coalitions in the Tunisian parliament calling for the need to expedite the presentation of the law criminalizing normalization at the nearest plenary session.

The head of the Democratic coalition, Muhammad Ammar, said now that the Tunisian President, the speaker of the Parliament and the Prime Minister all agree on the just cause of the Palestinian struggle  this must speed up the ratification of the legislation that criminalizes any contacts or normalization actions with the Zionist entity.

Meanwhile, protesters gathered in Tunisia’s capital on Wednesday to show support for Palestinians, as the struggle between Palestinians in Gaza and the occupying Israelis continues into its second week.

Thousands were present in the march down Tunis’ Mohamed V avenue, many calling for the Tunisian Parliament to pass a law criminalizing “normalization” with Israel.

The latest rally is one of many to have taken place in support of the Palestinian people, of which at least 227 have been killed, including 64 children and 38 women, with 1,620 people wounded, according to the Gaza Health Ministry.

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