Friday, June 21

Libyan Military Says It’s Committed to Unifying Institution

Benghazi_ Libya’s armed forces make another move toward unifying the military institution at a joint meeting in Benghazi between the military commanders in the east and the west of the country.

The Chief of Staff of the Armed Forces, General Abdel Razek Al-Nadouri, said on Thursday that the Libyan armed forces have the ability to overcome differences and defend the country and its sovereignty.

Al-Nadhouri stressed, as he sat side-by-side with General Muhammad al-Haddad, Chief of General Staff of the unity government, that “the sons of the military establishment have the ability to overcome differences and defend the sovereignty and integrity of Libyan lands.”

At the meeting which was attended by a large number of top military officers from western and eastern Libya, Al-Nadhouri said “whatever the differences between the Libyan military leaders, they are always able to converge and bridge the gap in short time,” pointing out that all tribal, partisan, and political affiliations fade within the military establishment.

On his part, General Al-Haddad said, “we will preserve the unity of soil, the sanctity of blood, and the civil state, and we will be supportive of our people and their choices in achieving fair elections, and we will protect them when they reach an agreement.”

The goal of creating one and unified armed forces institution has been the main demand by the Libyan people, and it is viewed by observers as the key to bringing stability and peace to Libya.

“Within the military organization there disappears tribal, political and party loyalties. Because it is one of the most pillars of the state, it does not recognize but the Libyan national identity for all the citizens,” Nadouri added.

“The Libyan army in the east, west and south is far from political tensions and will not be a tool for any political party,” he said.

Both Al-Nadhouri and Al-Haddad had previously met twice in the capital, Tripoli and they also participated in the meetings of the 5 + 5 Joint Military Committee in Tripoli and the city of Sirte as well as in Rome, Cairo and Tunis.

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