Monday, July 22

LITC Partners with Microsoft for Azure ExpressRoute in Libya

Tripoli_ The Libyan International Telecommunication Company (LITC) has been named a Microsoft Azure ExpressRoute Partner by Microsoft, covering Libyan market, said a statement released by the company on June 1st.

LITC, a leading technology provider, will offer Microsoft ExpressRoute services through its new product which is LITC International Cloud Connect (ICC).

The launch of the Azure ExpressRoute at LITC will create a private digital superhighway, offering customers a direct connection to nearest Microsoft Data Centers, bringing connectivity, performance, consistent latencies, and higher security than any typical connections over the Internet, the statement added.

“The partnership will reinforce LITC position as key player in Libya, and as regional providers of choice for local and international businesses, moreover the current Microsoft key customers in Libya will have access to new services, to enable and expedite their digital transformation journey, with robust and dedicated functionality of private Cloud solutions, along with the flexibility and cost savings of public Cloud models,” it said.

Currently, LITC is using and experiencing the international cloud connect service (ICC) with Microsoft Azure for almost one year and today more than 85% of LITC IT infrastructure is running on the cloud.

“We commonly see customers shifting from public to private, extending their private networks to cloud, to cover essential business needs, including backup, disaster recovery, and other critical infrastructure such as SAP on Azure, High Performance Computing and Open Source solutions. We (LITC) are committed to support our customers, providing the best solutions to respond to evolving market demands,” Adel Abu Fares, LITC chairman, commented on the deal.

Nizar El Haddar, Microsoft Azure Territory Channel manager says: “We look forward to further empowering our partners and customers in the Libyan market, to be connected, secure, and productive.”

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