Monday, May 20

Traffic Safety, Licensing Regulations Reviewed in Libya

Tripoli_ Deputy Minister of Interior for Departments’ Affairs made an inspection visit on Thursday to the Traffic and Licensing Department’s headquarters in Tripoli in order to get a firsthand assessment of its implementation of laws and regulations to preserve the safety of the citizens.

During his visit, the Deputy Minister, Brigadier Bashir Al-Amin, held a meeting with the head of the Traffic and Licensing Department, Brigadier Sidiq Al-Shaibani, and the ranking officers during which they reviewed the current traffic situation in the capital Tripoli and in the country as a whole as well as exploring new arrangements to solve traffic jams in the city and improving the traffic safety of the population in general.

The efforts that are being made by the members of the Traffic and Licensing Department and the obstacles that hinder their progress also discussed with a focus on how effectively the Ministry can solve them.

The Deputy Minister praised the efforts made by all members who belong to the Traffic and Licensing Department in maintaining traffic safety on public roads and apprehending violators to preserve the safety of citizens all over this hugely vast country.

Most people in Libya can say that there is huge a problem when it comes to traffic safety and lack of respect to traffic laws and regulations. This is an old problem and for decades Libya has become of highest rates in traffic accidents in the world.

Friendly nations and international organization can اhelp so much if they pay some attention to traffic safety and traffic problems in Libya in terms of training and restructuring.

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