Monday, May 20

Central Bank Meeting Cancelled Due to Disagreements

Bayda_ The Deputy Governor of the Central Bank of Libya, Ali Al-Hibri, said the virtual meeting of the Board of Directors called for by the Governor Al-Siddiq Al-Kabeer, and scheduled for Thursday has been cancelled due to disagreements over various issues.

Speaking to Libya 218 TV channel on Thursday night, Mr. Al-Hibri said he refused to attend the meeting because the Central Bank has not resumed the clearing house functions related to commercial banks in eastern Libya as agreed upon by the Libyan Political Dialogue Forum (LPDF).

Al_Hibri also demanded that the decision by the governor which appointed a temporary committee to manage the Libyan Foreign Bank be nullified.  

Al-Hibri made it clear that the general assembly of the Libyan Foreign Bank be invited for a meeting which should result on selecting “professional” board of directors in order for it to be able to face the financial problem in the Libyan Foreign Bank, reform it and bring an end to the embezzlement and loss of public funds.

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