Monday, May 20

Tunisair to Resume Flights to Tripoli, Benghazi on 17 May

Tripoli_ Tunisair has announced that it will resume flights to Tripoli and Benghazi starting tomorrow 17 May 2021.

This comes after many years of suspending of these flight as a result of unrest and internal conflict in Libya. The resumption of flights by Tunisair indicates a change in the security situation in both Tripoli and Benghazi cities for the better.

Libyans authorities hope the move by Tunisair will encourage other international airlines to resume their air services with Libya.

Maitiqa International Airport in Tripoli said on its Facebook page that there will be daily Tunis-Maitiqa-Tunis flight. And three flights weekly Tunis-Benghazi-Tunis as a start and to be increase as time goes.

Tunisair has already opened its office in Tripoli at Tripoli Tower for flight reservations.

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