Monday, May 20

Culture Centers in the South Must Resume Role in Educating People, Minister

Ubari, South Libya_ The Minister of Culture has underlined the importance of cultural centers in the whole of Libya and especially in the south in educating the people and becoming the focal of cultural activities and bring the local population together.

Ms. Mabrouka Tougi Othman has toured the south of Libya and inspected the cultural centers in a number of southern municipalities including those of Ubari, Al-Ghorifa, Bint Beyah Murzuq, Gatroun, Sebha and others. She held meetings with the directors of these centers in seven municipalities.

Ms. Othman also visited the city of Murzuq where she was received by the Mayor of the Municipality and the Council of Notables, wise men and the sheikhs, the director of the municipality’s cultural office and a large number of cultural, social, and women’s activists as well as civil society organizations.

The Minister saw and experienced firsthand the extent to which the southern population appreciate all things related to cultural activities and needs.

The tour by the Ms. Othman, who belongs to the south, brought the cultural officials face to face with the people who indeed felt that the new top official of the cultural authority in Libya does understand their needs and care about them.

She toured the Murzuq Castle and archaeological monuments in the city and Hajhajeel region.

In Sebha, she visited the cultural centers there and the UNISCO Library, the Folklore Center and the museum.

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