Monday, July 22

Al-Kouni Visits South, Calls for Unity, Security

Sebha_ Mr. Mousa Al-Kouni, member of the Libyan Presidential Council, made his first official visit to the southern region with aim to explore mechanisms to unify the armed forces that are operating in the south. He met with local officials of a number of municipalities in the region as well as security and military leaders.

Libya’s southern region is going through difficult living and security situation as it is suffering faction infighting and huge illegal immigration problems as a result of being bordering Chad, Niger and Mali.

Al Kouni stressed the Council’s commitment to solve these problems and meet the demands of the population and said the south of Libya represents a strategic and security importance for Libya and the rest of Africa.

As a son of the south himself Al Kouni has a thorough knowledge of the region’s conditions, needs and requirements.

The Libyan News Agency reported that the population there look at this visit with high hopes for relief of many of their hardships.

Al Kouni gained respect when he resigned in January 2017 from the former Presidential council in protest against the failures of that council which was headed by Faiz Sarraj. Al Kouni apologized to the people and said because he failed to deliver to the Libyan people he felt he should leave the job.  

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