Monday, July 22

Libya: PM Criticized for Cancelling Housing Loans

Prime Minister of Libya Abdulhamid Dabbiaba.

Tripoli_ Libyan Prime Minister Abdulhamid Dabbiaba has come under strong criticism after he annulled Sunday a resolution he made last year to provide housing loans to the youth. The PM office has not clarified the reasons that led to such decision as yet.

The annulled resolution no. 1055 of 2022, which Mr. Dabbiaba introduced in early 2022 with big fanfare, created high expectations among many people who rushed to submit the required papers to bank branches around the country.

There was much skepticism among a large number of observers as to the merits of such move by the head of the National Unity Government when the public have been facing great obstacles withdrawing their own money from banks.

Commenting on the cancelation of the housing loans by the NUG, the mayor of Tajoura municipality, a suburb of Tripoli, Hussein Bin Attia, said “the decision comes as a result a major conflict over the funds amongst government officials over who get what from proceedings, thus the resolution was annulled,” as quoted by the news website Almashhad Alibi.

Muhammad Qashout, a political commentator, was quoted by Alsaaa24 news website as saying: “After a full year of delusion and dreams, the play was ended by Mr. Dabbiaba ended all this by a decision to cancel the loans”.

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