Monday, July 22

Libya Mourns Activist Amal Al-Tawerghi, Died in Car Accident

Tawergha_ Libya mourns the human rights and social activist Amal Baraka Al-Tawerghi who died in a tragic traffic accident while returning from participating in the reopening of the coastal road on Sunday. Prime Minister Abdulhamid Dabaiba, top Libyan officials and the public have mourned the loss of life-loving Amal Baraka.

Late Ms. Tawerghi insisted on Sunday to be present and witness the opening of the road whose closure by armed groups she believed was a symbol of dividing the homeland.

She was also a strong advocate of the return of unjustly displaced people of Tawergha whom they were forced to leave their homes.

The Tawergha community has been displaced since 2011, when the 40,000 inhabitants of the city were forced to leave. Since then, they have been scattered across the country.

Amal herself was a refugee until she returned back to the city and started encouraging others to do the same in spite of threats and intimidation.

Ms. Tawerghi was accompanied with a number of friends in the car when the accident took place. They were all injured and taken to hospital.

Despite a decade of suffering of all of the Tawerghans people whom she was representing, she was one of the first to welcome dialogue, reconciliation, peace and rejecting dispute.

The first activity undertaken by the deceased Amal Baraka two decades ago was to establish the “Productive Families” Foundation to take care of the products of her city, such as handicrafts and the like, before adding focus on caring for the family itself, not just its products.

She made sure that similar foundations be established in other towns and cities located in the vast Libyan Desert. She was also an avid traveler between cities for the cause of human rights in the country.

In an interview she once gave to Libya 24 News Agency, Amal said “it was incumbent upon us in our organization to take care of the displaced and, particularly, the displaced people of our city Tawergha, by providing them with humanitarian aid, standing with them, and taking care of them.”

Amal Baraka was head of the Women’s Office in local council of Tawergha city since 2012 and she made it its first responsibility to make whatever effort to restore her people’s rights and bring them back home, a goal that still remains to be realized in today’s Libya.

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