Monday, May 20

Italian Companies to Finish Projects in Libya

Tripoli_ The return of Italian companies to Libya to finish projects that were agreed upon years ago was the main topic discussed in a meeting Tuesday between the Minister of Economy Mohamed Hwaij and the Italian Ambassador to Libya Guseppe Buccino.

Hwaij assured the Italian Ambassador that the Libyan government is determined to resuming and completing the many infrastructure and developmental projects that were came to a halt since 2011.

Italy signed a contract with Libya before 2011 to construct the international Coast Road that starts from the Libya-Tunisia border in the west to the border with Egypt in the east but has yet to begin its work. This road, about 1900kms is considered vital for Libya’s rebuilding and development.

Hwaij also mentioned the need to start the construction of the Fair Ground Complex project in Tripoli which will built on 45 hectares.

“Libya is committed to provide all facilities and help to Italian companies in order to resume its work,” he said.

The ambassador assured that Italian companies are to begin construction of Tripoli International Airport project very soon which is expected to be in operation next year, which will allow for the resumption of international airlines flights to Libya.

Buccino said that the Italian company which is constructing the Coast Road is keen to start work on the project very soon.

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