Tuesday, April 16

Libya: Chinese Communications Companies are Strategic Partners

Tripoli_ The CEO of the Libya Post, Telecommunications and Information Holding Company (LPTIC) Faisel Gergab said Thursday, during a meeting with the Chinese Charge d’Affaires to Libya Wang Qimin, that Chinese companies are “strategic partners” in terms of development and investment in the communications sector in Libya.

He also said, according to the Libyan News Agency (LANA) that LPTIC is looking forward for more cooperation between Libya and China in this field.

LPTIC’s 2021-2023 development plan aims to develop the sector and improve communications service through new investments as to keep pace with what Chinese telecommunications companies have achieved so far.

Libya needs to establish an attractive technical environment for investment in telecommunications technology and the Chinese can help the country do that, he added.

One aspect of cooperation with Chinese companies can be found in improving the standard of the existing Communications Technology Academy that belongs to the LPTIC in Tripoli.

Qimin reaffirmed China’s commitment to work with LPTIC and its subsidiaries to implement projects that would achieve the strategy of developing the communications and information technology sector in Libya.

LPTIC’s portfolio includes the two mobile operators (Libayan & Al Madar), four fixed line operators (Hatif Libya, Al Jeel, Libya International Telecoms Company and Libya Telecoms & Technology Company), the real estate operator (Al Bouniya) and the Libyan Post Company.

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