Monday, May 20

Defending His Mother, A 15-Year-Old Boy Kills Policeman

Tripoli_ A 15-year-old boy shot and a killed a policeman who allegedly was harassing his mother, the Ministry of Interior said on Friday in a statement.

The incident came about when Aziziyah Police Station in Aziziyah city, forty kms southwest of the capital Tripoli, received information that a body with a bullet wound was taken to Al-Zahra Hospital. This led the Criminal Investigation Department to begin hunting of suspects.

The 15-year-old boy was arrested in the nearby town of Nasiriyah. He was interrogated and confessed to killing of the policeman in the Ras Al Lafaa area due to “a dispute” between the boy’s mother and the dead policeman, the statement said.

The Ministry of Interior did not say the reason behind the killing in its statement, but unconfirmed social media reports speculate that policeman could have been harassing the orphan boy’s mother.

The ministry confirmed that legal measures were taken against the boy and he was referred to the related authorities.

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