Monday, July 22

We Strife to Get Ceasefire Agreement Implemented before 23 June: FM

Tripoli_ Libya’s Foreign Minister, Najla Mangoush, said Monday that she and her team racing with time to get the ceasefire agreement implemented and the coastal road reopened before the Berlin Conference takes place on 23 June.

Meeting with members of the Joint Military Commission 5+5 (JMC), Mangoush “affirmed her full support for the JMC’s ten members and their efforts to impose Libyan sovereignty and liberate its sovereign decision,” the Libyan News Agency reported. “There won’t be negligence insofar as this national principle is concerned,” she added.

She told the JMC that she works with the internal parties and “strives to mobilize international support to implement the entire ceasefire agreement, achieve security, stability and works to unify sovereign institutions”.

This is done, she continued, in order to ensure the implementation of the roadmap which consequently lead to the general elections in December.

For their part, the members of JMC voiced their concern and sought the Foreign Ministry’s support and that of the GNU to implement the ceasefire agreement in full as soon as possible, starting with the opening the coastal road.

This they stressed would be a necessary gesture to enhance confidence between the conflicting parties and then to move on to implement the rest of the agreement’s terms, leading to total withdrawal of all foreign forces and mercenaries.

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